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Welcome Gold Coast residents!

Are you looking for premium and high-end personal service when it comes to personal training, fat loss and health coaching?

Located in Burleigh Heads, we are a Gold Coast health coaching service.

We specialise in healthy and long lasting weight loss, injury rehabilitation and prevention, hormonal fat loss, improving insulin sensitivity in possible pre-diabetics, strength and conditioning and optimal results related to health, vitality, mental alertness and longevity to life. We also help you get unwanted fat off your body also using the most effective ways possible.

We are for people with specific nutritional and training needs related to fat loss and health occurring from:

  • Gut and intestinal problems
  • Leaky gut and Dysbosis, IBS, Gasto Intestinal issues relates to food intolerances and inflammation
  • Digestion and assimilation issues
  • Hormonal and insulin issues related to weight loss
  • Improving Insulin sensitivity in possible pre-diabetics
  • Hormone dysfunction
  • Liver detoxification
  • Women with PCOS

We pride ourselves on being able to give people results that other systems and trainers have failed to achieve.

Tight Fitness Solutions specialises in Hormone Balancing nutrition and training protocols and offers the most effective FAT LOSS and STRENGTH systems possible.

This is the next level in optimal body composition, health and wellbeing.

Tight Fitness offers a unique blend of private, semi private and personal training systems that most professional trainers, unfortunately have never even heard of.

This unique blend of systems and methods will reduce fat on your body and keep it off! It’s done by CONTROLLING HORMONES like INSULIN, CORTISOL and OESTROGEN and the Poliquin Bio Signature and other methods are used to control these factors.

See how we structure our nutritional and health evaluations here:

What is Poliquin BioSignature?

We take scientific look at hormones and how to manage hormonal imbalances to reduce fat off your body and gain lean muscle mass while maintaining your health as top priority.

Please take the time to look around our website and we welcome you to contact us with any of your health and personal training concerns.

Injury concerns and rehabilitation

Hormonal fat loss

Pre-diabetic training and nutrient strategies

Sports Performance

Men’s and women’s fat loss

We can tailor a specific approach to help you.

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Bio-Signature – Strength & Conditioning – Poliquin – Hormonal Balance – Injury Rehab

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